Nature at Vivosa possesses a luxury that other parts of the planet lack: it can forget about you. This is because the footprint our eco-resort leaves on the environment is minimized, thanks to numerous green practices we rigorously apply since our inception.

Today, we are also certified as "Carbon positive," which means Vivosa absorbs more CO₂ than it produces. Thus, your vacation will leave an unforgettable memory for you and your family, but not on nature. It's a result we are very proud of, achieved after careful evaluation by ACCREDIA, the Italian government's designated National Accreditation Body.

Nature also enjoys your vacation.

Our commitment to the environment around us naturally doesn't stop there. We uphold an ethical and sustainable way of doing business every day, through three pillars that guide each of our actions.

The three pillars are: ecology and respect for the environment (environmental sustainability), connection with the territory, promotion of local economy and circular economy (territorial sustainability), and promotion of corporate welfare with actions aimed at improving the working quality and life of employees and their families.

The reuse of water, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, separate waste collection, eliminating the use of plastic (0 plastic), the reduction of waste and the construction of solar panels to produce clean energy with zero environmental impact, have contributed to Vivosa receiving several important awards and certificates including: TUI Umwelt Champion (TUI environmental sample), Ecoresort certification, the Gold TraveLife Award for environmental and sustainable policies and ISO14001 for eco-sustainability and high standard quality.


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